February 22, 2018

Weekend Update, Oct. 14-15, 2017

Saturday and Sunday look like perfect days to pack up and spend a day with us on the farm. Temperatures in the 70’s with sunshine make for great apple and pumpkin picking weather.

Pick your own apple varieties this weekend include: Blushing Gold, Red and Golden Delicious, Rome, Stayman, Fuji, Cameo, York, Pink Lady, Granny Smith

There are still plenty of apples to pick.

Pick your own pumpkins right from the patch.

Fresh made apple butter from Stepp’s apples now on the shelf.

Get your local sourwood honey, the Cadillac of honey according to JH, the farm founder. Don’t let this fall pass without a good supply.

Ugly Pig BBQ will be here so plan to picnic with us. After your meal enjoy an apple cider or pumpkin donut, apple fritter, apple cider slushie, and all sorts of goodies.

Have you tried our Apple Salsa? It’s a favorite at the farm.

Weekend fun includes the apple cannon, 5 acre corn maze, and tractor pulled wagon rides around the farm.

Farm Hands will be on hand to greet you.