August 3, 2015

U-Pick Apples

Pick Your Own Apples -Varieties Listed Below

The 2015 Season will begin Wed., August 5 with Ginger Gold apples available to pick. 


    • birthday girl picking apples

      birthday girl picking apples

      Pick your own NC apples

    • Choose from 22 different apple varieties
    • Containers provided ranging from 1/4 peck to a bushel
    • Picking equipment available for your use
    • Pick a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch!
    • Bring your camera and capture a family memory!
    • Enjoy the freshness of the outdoors!
    • Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy by the orchard
    • Can’t pick? Buy pre-picked apples already packaged
    • Walk your dog on a leash through acres of apple trees; please clean up after them. We ask that you don’t bring your dog in the apple house due to food regulations.

Plan a visit to Stepp Farm’s Hillcrest Orchard to pick your own North Carolina apples.  Pick a 1/4 half peck or bushels of fresh apples in our 4th generation orchard and farm.  Call ahead to confirm your favorite apple variety is available for pickin’.

Apple Ripening Schedule

Apple Variety Ripens* Taste
Ginger Gold Apples Early Aug. Sweet
GALA  Apples Mid Aug. Sweet
Honey Crisp  Apples Late Aug. Sweet / Slightly Tart
Early Fuji Late Aug. Sweet / Slightly Tart
Jonagold  Apples Early Sept. Sweet / Slightly Tart
Mutsu  Apples Early Sept. Slightly Tart
Golden Delicious  Apples Mid. Sept. Sweet
Red Delicious  Apples Mid. Sept. Sweet
Jonathan  Apples Mid. Sept. Moderately Tart & Sweet
Empire  Apples Mid. Sept. Sweet & Slightly Tart
Ultra Gold  Apples Mid. Sept. Sweet
Cameo Apples Mid- Late Sept. Sweet
Blushing Gold  Apples Mid- Late Sept. Tart & Sweet
Fugi  Apples Late Sept. Sweet
Stayman Winesap  Apples After Sept. 25 Tart
Turley Winesap  Apples After Sept. 25 Tart
Red Winesap  Apples After Sept. 25 Tart
Taylor Rome  Apples After Sept. 25 Mild
Law Rome  Apples After Sept. 25 Mild
York  Apples October Tart
Arkansas Black  Apples October Tart
Pink Lady Apples Mid- Late Oct. Tart & Sweet
Granny Smith Apples Mid- Late Oct. Very Tart

*These dates are based on an average year and are subject to change with varying weather conditions.