January 26, 2015

Meet Apple Growers

The GrowersMike Stepp, JH’s youngest son has been in and out of the family farm over the past several years. The farm was unable to sustain another family due to adverse weather conditions and markets over the years. After twelve years working off the farm, Mike returned in 2002.  Taking over the majority of the tractor work and production of apples he works year round and now manages the farm.

JH Stepp blessed his family with more than 91 years of selfless leadership, love, and dedication. Prior to his passing in September 2011,  J.H. grew apples in Henderson County for 7 decades.   And, on any given day in the spring or summer you could find him mowing or spraying through rows of apple trees in his John Deere which he called his Cadillac. His love for farming and growing quality apples never dulled.   More about Pa Stepp

Sonya Stepp Holllingsworth, JH’s oldest daughter, joined the farm team in the ’70s when she joined her mother, the late Yvonne Stepp, and father in the pick your own business. She played an integral role in the farming operation as part owner through the 2013 season.